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Q: Can I schedule delivery of my baby chicks on a specific day of the week?


Unfortunately, no! You do have some control, though. Chicks are hatched Mondays and Wednesdays. Smaller orders automatically ship Express, while you can choose Express or Priority Mail with larger orders. Right before the babies hatch, they absorb their yolk sac, which sustains them for the trip. In nature, this is designed to help early hatchers survive until momma hen is done brooding and can leave the nest to take all her babies to eat and drink. (She can't leave until everyone is done hatching.) Our eggs are incubated so that they begin hatching on Mondays or Wednesdays; we must ship them as they hatch in order for the baby chicks to be able to survive their journey to you and arrive happy and healthy. If you want chicks later in the week, you may want to choose a Wednesday shipping date. If you want them early to mid-week, choose a Monday ship date.