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Can I cancel my order for baby chicks?

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Yes, we're happy to cancel an order provided you let us know by 6:00 PM on the Thursday before your scheduled ship week. As you remember from checkout, baby chick orders cannot be cancelled (or changed) later than that date. Be sure to have your order number at hand so we can find your order to cancel it.

The reason we require this notice is that, in many cases, the shipping schedule must be shuffled so the baby chicks we were hatching for you can find new adopters in time to receive them when they hatch. In addition we need to be absolutely sure that the shipment has been cancelled in our system because we do NOT want a single mistake to occur in which baby chicks are sent to Post Offices where they will never be picked up. We'll need to make sure your chick shipment is stopped, refund your money, and make your chicks available for adoption again on our website. Please don't cancel unless it's an emergency, since those chicks need to have homes when they are scheduled to hatch, whether that's three weeks or three months away.

Remember, there are NO exceptions to the deadline because we must have time to try to find someone to adopt the babies you decided you didn't want. Our priority is the welfare of our chicks! And if you DO have an emergency that requires cancelling your chick order... then later you decide you want them after all, you'll have to place a new order. Your old order cannot simply be reinstated, which means you may not be able to resume your same ship date.

For all these reasons, it is a good idea to place an order for baby chicks ONLY if you're sure you won't later change your mind, AND if you've already checked to make sure you are legally permitted to keep chickens in your area.

To cancel your order, please contact us with your order number. If it's a last minute cancellation, we recommend that you phone, since emails can take up to two business days to come up in the queue to answer.