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Can I cancel or change my order for juvenile 6 week old chickens (started pullets)?

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Can I cancel or change my order for juvenile 6 week old chickens (started pullets)?
Yes, we're happy to cancel or change an order of juvenile chickens provided you let us know by the week before your scheduled ship week. For juvenile chickens, if you want to cancel or change your order, that must be done by the Thursday before the shipping week. As you remember from checkout, your order cannot be cancelled (or changed) later than that date. Be sure to have your order number at hand so we can find your order to cancel it.

In addition, you should be aware that you may be charged a $10 order cancellation fee. If you've made any changes to your order and you've been charged change fees, remember also that the change fees are non-refundable. Fees charged cover the time and effort it takes to do that work for you.

It's a good idea to place an order for chickens ONLY if you're sure you won't later change your mind, AND if you've already checked to make sure you are legally permitted to keep chickens in your area. You will also want to have your coop on hand and set up before you receive your chickens. To change or cancel your order for juveniles, please phone us toll free at 908-795-1007 with your order number, or you may email us if you prefer. If it's a last minute change or cancellation, we recommend that you phone, since emails can take up to two business days to come up in the queue to answer.