Chicks Don't Hatch

What happens if my chicks don't hatch as expected on my hatch date?

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If your selected breeds don't hatch out as expected, look out for a call or email from us.

If your selected breeds don't hatch as expected, we will take the following steps on your expected hatch date:


1. If there is an issue with your order on hatch day, we review the notes you left us at checkout. 

At checkout, be sure to choose if you are willing to accept a substitute breed or not. If you want to substitute a similar breed, please list which ones you are willing to accept. 

Leave us instructions on how to adjust your order if your chicks don't hatch as expected on hatch day.

2. If we can't meet your initial request you may receive a notification on your hatch date with additional information and options. Be on the look out for this and reply as soon as possible, since shipping the baby chicks is time sensitive. 

We will need to know which of the following options you want to choose for your order:

  • Substitute a similar breed.
  • Refund for the missing breed and ship short (you must still meet the minimum chick requirements.)
  • Reschedule if a future date is available.
  • Or Cancel the order.