Will My Live Poultry Order Include a Heat Pack?

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A heat pack will be included with your live poultry shipment if needed. This is determined by the experts in our shipping department. in

The decision to include a heat pack in poultry orders is made by our expert shipping department on the day of your shipment. We consider various factors such as the quantity of chicks, destination, and weather conditions.

If your order includes a heat pack, you can usually locate it beneath the bedding in a brown paper bag marked for identification. Please note that the heat pack is non-reusable and is not meant to be given to the chicks as food.

Can I request or pay for an extra heat pack in my package? 

No, we cannot accept this request. Our expert shipping team determines who needs the heat packs during packing and there is no extra cost for this service. They review several factors for each individual order and will make the best decision to keep your baby chicks safe and comfortable during the journey to you.