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  • Abundance
  • Egg Quantity
    Very Good (4/wk)
  • Size
  • Egg Color
    Assorted, Green
  • Heat Tolerance
    Tolerates Heat Well
  • Cold Tolerance
    Hardy in Winter
  • Personality

Baby Chicks: Green Queen Easter Egger Bantam

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Everyday Easter Eggers are one of our favorite breeds... but this is no "everyday" bird! This beautiful designer breed is the queen of the coop. Green Queen Bantams are super layers of small, predominantly green eggs* and have also been known to lay shades of blue eggs. This is a multi-generational, multi-breed, "project" we have been working on for some time. Our goal: to produce a beautiful, easygoing bantam who is extremely hardy, and a prolific egg layer.

Looks can vary! Most will be bearded; some will have lightly feathered legs and feet, and some will even have five toes! Its plumage color will vary, frequently blue, black, white, and barred, and sometimes even silked or frizzle feathers.

Easter Eggers are loved for their sweet personalities, hardiness in both the heat and cold, and for their eggs in all different shades of green and blue (a small percentage even lay a light pinkish brown color!). This is why they've topped the best-seller list every single year since we started selling chicks in 2007. We love EEs for the backyard flock because they don't tend to be aggressive with one another like some breeds can be (Rhode Island Reds, we're looking at you!). They're super friendly, active foragers, and cold hardy. Easter Eggers are usually bearded and tend to have slate or willow (blue or green) legs. They are friendly, and favorites of children, who love their easygoing personalities and to gather colored eggs.

*Please note that while this breed chiefly lays sage green to aqua-tinted eggs, a small percentage will lay another color, including tinted, brown or even pinkish. Each hen will give ONE egg color. The egg color will not change from one egg being laid to another. For example, if your hen has just laid a green egg, it will lay a green egg its entire life.

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  • Due to Rhode Island state law, the minimum order of day-old chicks shipped to Rhode Island is 12.

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