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    Recycled Plastic

Droppings Tray for Nestera Chicken Coops

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These durable dropping trays for Nestera chicken coops make it even easier to clean your coop! The plastic trays sit on the coop floor and easily slide in and out during cleaning.

Don't forget to compost the droppings and used bedding!  

These droppings tray kits are compatible with the Ground Chicken Coop, the Lodge Chicken Coop, and the Raised Chicken Coop by Nestera. 

Droppings Tray Features:

  • Makes cleaning quick and easy
  • 0.09"-thick ABS recycled plastic
  • Strong, lightweight, and durable design 
  • Easy to handle and slide in and out of the coop
  • Stackable design with sloping sides

Which Droppings  Kit should I purchase for my Nestera Coop?

  • The small Nestera chicken coops require a small tray kit: 1 x square tray.
  • The medium Nestera chicken coops require a medium tray kit: 2 x rectangular trays. 
  • The large Nestera chicken coops require a large tray kit: 3 x rectangular trays.  

Droppings Tray dimensions:

Square Tray Dimensions 
Length: 22.8” 
Width: 21.4” 
Depth: 0.9”

Rectangular Tray Dimensions 
Length: 30.3” 
Width: 11.2” 
Depth: 1.3” 

Shipping Information: 

We will send your tracking number by email as soon as it's available, or you can look for it in our website's Track My Order area. 

We cannot ship this product to Hawaii or Alaska.

Product Returns

Returns are 100% covered within 30 days of receipt for droppings trays, and a free return label will be provided. Just contact us, and we'll provide return instructions.

This coop has been designed and manufactured in the U.K.


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