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Q: How do you ship waterfowl?


We ship all of our waterfowl by USPS Priority Mail. Our desire is for every duckling and gosling to arrive safely, so we specialize our packaging practices based on your zip code and the time of year. As needed, we may modify ventilation, heat, or bedding to make sure those little fluffies are cozy during their journey! Every waterfowl shipment will include GroGel so the birds have hydration, vitamins and nutrients, along with beneficial bacteria (probiotics) along the way.

Please note that we are not able to ship waterfowl and baby chicks together.

Baby ducks arriving at their new home!

Unless the date falls on a holiday, waterfowl are hatched on Mondays (and Tuesdays during busy seasons) and delivered to our local post office for mailing that same day. As soon as we have the tracking number for your order, we will email it to you so that you can follow your birds’ progress. Monday shipments typically arrive by Wednesday morning.It's important to know that the USPS does not guarantee overnight shipping on live animals, no matter what your local post office agent may say. Bear in mind that sometimes the shipments are not scanned frequently during shipping, so it may seem like they aren’t making progress to your location. Rest assured, they are still on the way, but the USPS may have missed a scan or two along the way.

The phone number you gave us will be on the shipping label, and your local post office should call you to come and pick them up when they arrive. It is better for you to pick them up versus waiting for the USPS to home-deliver the birds, as the sooner the birds drink water, the better. Also, home delivery can be rough on young birds, with all the stopping and starting, bumps, and temperature changes.Before your shipping week, we recommend that you contact your local post office to learn their exact procedures and usual arrival times and tell them you are expecting a shipment.If the post office calls you to pick them up and you are in a major city, make sure you ask which post office is calling so you know where to go.

Your local post office should call you when the birds arrive.

If you have not heard from your local post office by Wednesday morning, contact them, as they may have simply forgotten to phone you.If you do not know their phone number,you can find out by calling the USPS at 1-800-275-8777. The operator will patch you through to your local post office (make sure you ask for their phone number for future reference!).

If your local post office does not have your birds yet, ask them to contact the distribution center from which your post office gets their mail. Oftentimes, your shipment is waiting there for the next truck out.If your post office will be getting another delivery that day, you can simply wait for your local post office to call you when they arrive that afternoon.

If, however, your post office will not be getting another delivery until the next day, you may want to consider going to the distribution center and getting your birds, as there may be a greater chance for losses if they don't arrive until Thursday morning.