What is a Chicken Saddle?

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Two chickens wearing chicken saddles

A chicken saddle is also known as a chicken apron, feather gaurd or hen saver. It's a protective covering placed on a chicken's back, typically made of durable and lightweight materials, such as fabric or vinyl. The chicken saddle protects a hen's back and tail feathers from damage or injury.

Chicken Saddles with flower prints
In some chicken flocks, hens can experience feather loss or injuries on their backs due to excessive rooster mating.  During mating, roosters' sharp claws may grip onto hens' backs, causing feather damage or bare spots on their skin. Additionally, other hens might peck at her back out of curiosity or aggression, leading to similar issues. A feather gaurd can also help frotect your chickens through the sensitive molting season.

By using a chicken saddle, the hen's back is shielded from direct contact, reducing the likelihood of feather loss or injury. The saddle provides a protective barrier between the hen's skin and the rooster's claws or other hens' beaks.

Chicken saddles are easy to put on and remove and are available in various designs and sizes. They can be a useful tool for backyard chicken keepers to ensure the well-being and comfort of their hens.

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