Meet the Peeps from My Pet Chicken: Cathy

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Meet the Peeps from My Pet Chicken: Cathy

Welcome to My Pet Chicken's "Meet the Peeps" blog series! You've interacted with us by phone, chat, and it's time to "meet" us! My Pet Chicken is very unique in that ALL employees are poultry keepers ourselves, so we offer a wealth of experience and wisdom. Here is your opportunity to see how we became "crazy chicken people."

Cathy, A customer service phone peep at My Pet Chicken wears a blue shirt and smiles at the camera.
Cathy - Customer Service Phone Peep from My Pet Chicken

Introducing Cathy from My Pet Chicken

1. How Long have you been part of the My Pet Chicken family? What is your position?

I've been an MPC customer for 9 years and an employee for 3 years. I started working for MPC in March of 2019. I am a Customer Service Rep. aka, "Phone Peep

2.". What is your home state and your favorite part about living there?

I live in Georgia. My favorite part about living in Georgia is the quiet, slow country living.

3. How long have you been a chicken keeper?

I have been raising chickens for 9 years.

4. What was your first breed(s) of chicken?

The first batch of chicks that I got was from a local feed store. I had 2 Speckled Sussex roosters, 2 Black Stars, 1 Rhode Island Red, and 1 Golden Buff (Red Star).

A flock of chickens sit and relax on a set of stairs. A rooster is in the center and staring at the camera.
The members of Cathy's flock hang out on the steps.

5. How many chickens do you have in your flock? (Real numbers…not what we tell our family members!)

I haven't counted them in a while, but I would guess 100 plus!

6. Do you have any other animals besides chickens? If so, what and how many do you have?

I have 1 cat and 9 Guinea Fowl.

7. What is your favorite chicken breed? Why?

I think my favorite breed is the Buckeye. My Buckeye hens are big beautiful girls and love to talk to me.

8. What is your favorite part about chicken keeping?

My favorite part about chicken keeping is spending time with them and watching the funny ways that they act.

9. What is your least favorite part about chicken keeping?

I think the least favorite part about chicken keeping has nothing to do with the chickens and more with caring for them in the hot summers and cold, wet winters.

10. What is your best pro tip for a newbie chicken keeper?

My best advice for a newbie chicken keeper is for them to do tons of research. It is best to learn as much as possible before getting chickens. I also suggest that when getting a coop, go bigger than you think you need.

A flock of guinea fowl pose and look at the camera while standing in their coop.
Guinea Fowl from Cathy's flock

11. What is your favorite poultry-keeping product and why?

I think one of my favorite poultry-keeping products would have to be the Hen Helper Vitamins & Electrolytes. It helps boost my flock during times of stress, helps increase egg-laying, and is easy to use.

12. What is your favorite chicken-themed quote or joke?

I have a photo of hen that says, "She's got style, she's got grace, she will peck you in the face!"

Cathy wears a teal t-shirt  with a chicken on it that reads Farm Hair Don't Care.

Closing thoughts from Cathy

Our hens provide eggs and control the annoying bugs, and our roosters are also very helpful. Last summer, our Buff Orpington rooster named Buster alerted me that there was a copperhead snake beside the steps on our back porch.

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