Meet Mimi from My Pet Chicken

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Meet Mimi from My Pet Chicken

Meet Mimi from My Pet Chicken! We lovingly call our My Pet Chicken employees "Peeps!" My Pet Chicken is very unique in that ALL employees are poultry keepers ourselves, so we offer a wealth of experience and wisdom. Here is your opportunity to see how we became "crazy chicken people." In this "Meet the Peeps" blog series, we introduce you to Mimi. You've interacted with her by it's time to "meet" her.

Mimi - Customer Service Phone Peep

1. How Long have you been part of the MPC family? What is your position?

4 years; I started in February 2018. I am a Customer Service Phone Peep.

2. What is your home state and your favorite part about living there?

While we are former Texans, we now live in's really beautiful here with all the waterfalls, hills, and trees.

3. How long have you been a chicken keeper?

5.5 years

4. What was your first breed(s) of chicken?

Speckled Sussex, Welsummer, and Jersey Giant

A large white chicken coop nestled in the woods with an assortment of chickens standing around on a sunny day.
Mimi's main chicken coop - where her flock happily lives.

5. How many chickens do you have? (Real numbers…not what we tell our family members!)

10 hens and 2 roosters

6. Do you have any other animals besides chickens? If so, what and how many do you have?

4 cats and 2 dogs (and one wonderful husband!)

A woman with curly blond hair snuggles with two cats. The cat on the right is white and gray. The cat on the right is orange striped.
Mimi snuggles with her adorable and fluffy cats!

7. What is your favorite chicken breed? Why?

Speckled Sussex. They are so friendly, and their feather pattern is stunning.

8. What is your favorite part about chicken keeping?

Watching them interact, they are just so interesting, especially the roosters. They all know their names and come when called. Our 2 roosters are so gallant and unselfish with the hens. At night, after everyone is roosting, I make sure to give Khan and Kirk a treat just for them!

9. What is your least favorite part about chicken keeping?

The poop, be prepared! We do compost the poop along with yard clippings and household food waste. The yard and garden really appreciate it.

10. What is your best pro tip for a newbie chicken keeper?

Don't overdo the treats, and keep things clean, clean, clean.

11. What is your favorite chicken-keeping product and why?

Honestly, my poop scooper; the best tool ever! I also love First Saturday Lime. I just can't recommend it enough. Both the scooper and the Lime help keep things clean in and around the coop.

A headphone set sits on a desk next to a notepad and pen. A coffee cup with a chicken on it sits in the background.
Mimi's desk with her favorite coffee mug!

12. What is your favorite chicken-themed quote or joke?

"I may look calm, but in my head, I've pecked you 3 times." I'm drinking from my coffee mug with that saying at this very moment. Coffee is a peep favorite here at My Pet Chicken and the morning staff always has a full mug standing by!

Closing thoughts from Mimi

My adorable Cochin bantam roosters, Kirk and Khan, are named after Star Trek characters. Khan is very friendly and is happy to be cuddled. Kirk is a bit more standoffish, but he's not aggressive and is most amenable to accepting a treat. If you can possibly add a rooster or two to your flock, I highly recommend it. Also, make sure you explore the extensive and incredibly informative My Pet Chicken website. I fell in love with it years before I ever imagined I'd be working here!

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