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The Cochin chicken breed are big and fluffy. They have a gentle disposition.
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Cochin Chicken Breed: The Complete Guide

The Cochin chicken breed is a beloved choice among poultry enthusiasts for many reasons. Their rich history, gentle and friendly...

Buff Orpington chickens are a popular backyard breed.

Orpington Chicken Breed: The Ultimate Guide

In the world of poultry, few breeds possess the charm and appeal quite like the Orpington chicken. With its distinctive...

The Jersey Giant chicken makes a great addition to backyard flocks.

Jersey Giant Chicken Breed: The Complete Guide

The Jersey Giant chicken breed stands as an impressive figure in the world of poultry, known for its commanding presence...

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One of the most striking features of Ameraucanas is their distinctive feather patterns and colors. They come in a variety of hues, including black, blue, splash, lavender, and wheaten.

Ameraucana Chicken Breed : The Ultimate Guide

Ameraucana chickens, with their striking appearance and charming personalities, have gained popularity among poultry enthusiasts worldwide. They should not be...

The Marans chicken breed lays a beautiful dark chocolate colored egg.
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Marans Chicken Breed: The Ultimate Guide

The Marans distinct chocolate brown egg color, combined with their calm personality has contributed to the breed's popularity among backyard...

Brahma Chicken Breed: The Ultimate Guide

Brahma Chicken Breed: The Ultimate Guide

The Brahma chicken breed, has taken the poultry world by storm due to their large size and docile nature.The Join...

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We offer the best chickens for laying eggs including heritage and hybrid breeds.

Best Chickens for Laying Eggs: Hybrid Breeds Vs...

Best Chickens for Laying Eggs: Hybrid vs. Heritage Raising chickens for fresh eggs is a delightful pursuit, and selecting the...

Rhode Island Red chicken breed

Rhode Island Red Chicken: The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to our journey into the fascinating world of Rhode Island Red chickens, a breed that has earned its place...


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