Top 9 Chicken Breeds for Sale in 2022

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Top 9 Chicken Breeds for Sale in 2022

My Pet Chickens offers the best chicken breeds for sale! We compiled our 2022 data to find out what chicken breeds you, the customer, loved most. And we couldn't agree more with you! Some of these chicken breeds are also listed on our 10 Best Chicken Breeds Picked by My Pet Chicken Staff.

The top 9 chicken breeds that sold in 2022 are as follows:

1. Easter Egger - Top Selling Chicken Breed in 2022

Easter Egger chickens

Once again, Easter Eggers are at the top of the list! They have been our all-time best-selling breed year after year, with good reason!

Easter Eggers are super friendly; they are great layers of large eggs in shades of blue and green. Their plumage can vary from stark white to dark brown and black, from buff tones to blue to splash–and anything in between. Their smaller body size gives them an advantage in the heat, and their small pea comb means they do well in cold weather, too, because they are not as susceptible to frostbite.

While Easter Eggers chiefly lay blue or green eggs, a small percentage will lay another egg color, including tinted, brown, or even pinkish. Each hen will give ONE egg color. The egg color will not change from one egg being laid to another. For example, if your hen has just laid a green egg, it will lay a green egg its entire life.)

My Pet Chicken offers the following Easter Egger Breeds for sale: Blue Easter Egger, Blue Favaucana, Cuckoo Bluebar, Easter Egger, Easter Egger Bantam, Frizzle Easter Egger, Green Queen Easter Egger, Green Queen Easter Egger Bantam, Silked White Easter Egger, and Super Blue Layer.

2. Black Copper Marans

Black Copper Marans chicken

Who doesn't want those beautiful eggs in their basket?

THE chocolate egger breed — the Black Copper Marans! This breed is a must-have for those who adore a colorful egg basket!

Our Marans are bred chiefly for egg color, with an additional view toward hardiness and the breed standard. You can expect your Black Copper Marans to lay an egg anywhere from dark brown, to deep reddish-brown, to medium brown with many dark speckles. Marans make lovely pets, too - they are hardy, calm, and quiet and bear confinement well. They are said to be good foragers without being TOO destructive to your garden.

The very darkest eggs you receive from your lovely Black Copper Marans hen will be her first egg, and the eggs will lighten ever so slightly with each egg, up until her annual molt. After that, you will once again see her darkest egg.

My Pet Chicken offers the following Marans chicken breeds for sale: Black Copper Marans, Blue Copper Marans, Golden Cuckoo Marans, Silver Cuckoo Marans, Blue Cuckoo Marans, Wheaten Marans, Blue/Black/Splash Birchen Marans, and Blue Splash Marans.

3. Salmon Faverolles - Top chicken breed for sale in 2022

The Faverolles is one of our favorite chicken breeds. They're gorgeous and wonderfully odd-looking, with muffs, a beard, feathered legs, and five toes. Salmon is the most commonly available variety of Faverolles, and we offer them here at My Pet Chicken.

Salmon Faverolles hens lay medium-sized creamy light brown or tinted eggs in prolific numbers, and they are good winter layers, too. They are shy and sweet-natured but so docile that they tend to find themselves at the bottom of the pecking order in a mixed flock.

The Salmon Faverolle hens are beautiful, with colors ranging from a honeyed salmon with white lacing, snowy breasts, and fluffy white faces to a darker, mahogany color with pretty speckled beards. 

Salmon Faverolle roosters are huge and magnificent, parading around with a virtual rainbow of colors: iridescent black, where the hens are white, burnished with bronze on their backs and wings. At the same time, their hackles and saddles are the color of pale straw.

Male Faverolles are remarkably calm and dignified and make great roosters for the home flock since they are not as aggressive as others.

4. Barred Plymouth Rock

"Barred Rocks" are among the most popular dual-purpose chickens on small farms today. They're very friendly, are great layers of large brown eggs, and can withstand cold weather quite nicely.

Like the Faverolles, this is another breed whose males are often recommended as good roosters for the home flock, as they tend to be calm and kind compared to some breeds of roosters.

Roosters and hens are beautiful with feathers decorated in alternating bars of white and black and set off by their bright, alert eyes!

Though Barred Rocks tolerate confinement, they're happiest when they range freely.

My Pet Chicken offers the following Plymouth Rocks chicken breeds for sale: Barred Plymouth Rock, Silver Penciled Plymouth Rock, White Plymouth Rock, and Barred Plymouth Rock Bantam.

5. Welsummer

Welsummer chickens are named after the village of Welsum, Holland, and were first imported into this country in 1928. Hens lay large, medium to deep brown eggs that are often speckled, making them very lovely! The top-selling chicken breed is an upright, active bird with a broad back, full breast, and large full tail.

The birds have single combs, medium wattles, almond-shaped ear lobes, and a strong, short beak. The coloring on the eggs is so thick that if you catch it while the egg is still wet, you can wipe off some of the brown with a clean cloth! Remember that, as with all dark egg layers, the eggs will vary in color, growing lighter as the hens get into the full swing of laying and darkening again after a break in laying (like a molt).

They are friendly, intelligent, and easily handled birds that love to free range and forage for food but can also be kept in runs quite happily.

6. Buff Orpington - Top chicken breed for sale in 2022

Buff Orpingtons are big, friendly dual-purpose birds originally developed in the UK. Orpingtons are the only way to go for many small farms and homesteaders! They're cold-hardy due to their fluffy plumage. Wonderful mothers, they do go, broody.

Nothing is more charming than seeing a mother Orpington and her fluffy new baby chicks peeking from beneath her wings in a field on a sunny day. Plus, they're gentle and friendly, besides being good layers.

The Buff Orpington is the most popular of all varieties of Orpington--a pretty, bright, pale "buffed" copper color striking as eye candy against a green lawn.

My Pet Chicken offers the following Orpington chicken breeds for sale: Buff Orpington, Lavender Orpington, Jubilee Orpington, Chocolate Orpington, Blue/Black/Splash Orpington, and Black/Lavender Split Orpington.

7. Olive Egger

Olive eggers are a designer breed whose hens lay an assortment of beautiful olive eggs. They are friendly, easy-going breeds, so your Olive Egger will likely be a family favorite!

The hens are beautiful and have a wide range of appearances. They come in various feather patterns, colors, and types, including frizzled feathers. This is all due to the wide variety of breeds used when breeding. The main goal when breeding Olive Egger chickens is to achieve various shades of an olive or green-colored egg. They lay 3-5 medium to large eggs per week.

Olive Eggers are hardy and usually do well in cold and hot climates.

My Pet Chicken offers the following Olive Egger chicken breeds for sale: Partridge Olive Egger and Olive Egger.

8. Ancona

The Ancona chicken breed has a beautiful "mottled" color pattern of black with white spots, and both Single Comb & Rose Comb varieties are accepted by the American Poultry Association.

Like other Mediterranean chicken breeds, Anconas are closely feathered, active, good foragers, and good layers. They are also extremely hardy in cold weather if you protect their large comb from frostbite!

9. Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Reds are the do-everything bird: they lay exceptionally well, they're valued for their meat, and they're extremely cold hardy, and hardy in general. They're a wonderful choice if you're looking for a dual-purpose breed. They are a favorite chicken breed for sale among many backyard homesteaders and farmers.

This chicken breed is held in such high esteem that they're the official Rhode Island state bird. They were once hugely popular in America but declined along with the small farmer.

Do you have any of these chicken breeds in your backyard chicken flock? Share which ones in the comments below.

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